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    Contact Download CV Sound Engineering and Design Download Invoice Template United Kingdom About I am a Sound Engineer for corporate events, film and television and a Sound Designer for theatre. I am based in the United Kingdom an d have played the pianoforte for nearly sixteen years. As a designer, I enjoy producing work that challenges audiences by exploring the darker sides of human nature and society. Furthermore, I have experience working on devised and improvised pieces, which have proven to be wonderful opportunities for creative collaboration. I was a Waddilove Scholar at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in BA (Honours) Theatre Sound (2:1). A link to the Theatre Practice Exhibition 2020 can be found to the left. ​ I am currently working in residential social care for autistic young people. Ultimately, I aim to provide support for a wider range of audiences to access mainstream and fringe theatre. ​ Dual national (UK/USA) Member of the Association of Sound Designers and the Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians.

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    Engineering UrineTown, The Musical The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama January - March 2020 Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 Venue/Swing Technician July - August 2019 Queue ( ***** TheatreLab) by Incunabula Collective June 2019 People of the Abyss The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama February - March 2019 The Member of the Wedding The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama September - November 2018 #Gunsh0w by Incunabula Collective June 2018 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight...? by Holly Delefortrie April 2017 - current Perception Live Events Sound/Conference Technician September 2016 - current

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    A Permanent State of Emergency By Tristan Bernays ​ The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama April - June 2019 ​ We want to tell you a story. A story that isn’t real. This is not real life. This is how real life. Feels for... US. People in our twenties, people on the verge of a future that feels like teetering on a cliff edge. We’d love to take a bold brave leap forward but into what? A PERMANENT STATE OF EMERGENCY is what we’re in . A STATE not of our making but one we have to endure or cure. Is running away the solution? We can try. Or, stay and fight, against ourselves? Or YOU the ones that left us in this pile of ……..? is a new musical, specifically written for BA (Hons) Acting Musical Theatre 2019 students. A Permanent State Of Emergency ​ Sound Designer: Rhi Lawrence Production Sound Engineer: Rob Donnelly-Jackson Sound Operator: Villi Chaushev ​ For more information, please . click here Script Writer: Joshua Val Martin Director: Sue Dunderdale Assistant Director: Eureka Toki Movement Director: Juri Nael Composer: Toby Ingram Musical Director: Matthew Spalding ​ Production Managers: Shaz McGee, Lisa Mark Head of Stage: Aoife Lily Nolan-Bennett Stage Manager: Charley Walker Deputy Stage Manager: Evelin Thomas ​ Set Designer: Jin Kitty Qianer Scenic Artist Head of Department Alan Butler Costume Designer: Sophie James-Frost Costume Supervisor: Bex Kemp Assistant Costume Supervisor/Wardrobe Head of Department: Imogen Brown Dressers: Abbie Johns, Moneka Prato Props Buyer: Suzie Dubowski ​ Lighting Designer: Alex McManus Assistant Lighting Designer: Steven Frost Chief Electrician: Dan Heywood Deputy Chief Electrician: Joe Miri Lighting Programmer/Operator: Harvey Nowak-Green ​ Cast: Matt Brookes, George Bury, Harrison Evans, Fionn Gardener, Priscille Grace, Sam Hudson-Brown, Niamh James, Versai Knight, Florence Lace-Evans, Erica Lebedeva, Joseph Lukehurst, Joseph Marchant, Amalia Maric, Joanne McGarva, James Squires, Dominic Treacy ​

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    UrineTown, The Musical By Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann ​ The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama January - March 2020 ​ Welcome to the future. Drought has decimated the water supply and all private toilets are banned. But it’s okay – private ownership has saved the day. The Urine Good Company have bought up all the public bathrooms. You just have to pay for a pee. And if you refuse – well, you’ll get sent to Urinetown. Urinetown was produced on Broadway in September, 2001 by the Araca Group and Dodger Theatricals in association with TheaterDreams, Inc., and Lauren Mitchell. ​ Sound Designer: Jack Baxter Production Sound Engineer: Rhi Lawrence Sound No.1/First Mixer: Raffaela Pancucci Sound No.2/Second Mixer: Molly Linfield Sound No.3/Assistant PSE: Daniel Raddings Sound Design Consultant: Luke Swaffield Production Sound Engineering Consultant: Tim Lynn ​ For more information, please . click here ​ Download Sound Data Schematic Download Video Data Schematic Director: Chelsea Walker Choreographer: Lynne Thomas Musical Director: Wendy Gadian ​ Set Designer: Rosanna Vize HoD Scenic Construction: Francis Johnson Deputy HoD Scenic Construction: Alan Smith Workshop Manager: Todd Smith Scenic Constructor: Ben Maudsley, Will Sanders HoD Scenic Art: Amy Rodger Scenic Artist: Philip Douglas, Felicity King HoD Props: Kayleigh Wade Prop Maker: Naomi Feld, Molly Richards, Riot Rogers ​ Costume Designer: Max Johns Assistant Costume Designer: Laura Gassen Wardrobe Supervisor: Alison Cartlidge Assistant Costume Supervisor: Eleanor Banasik ​ Production Manager: Daniel Steward Head of Rigging: Oliver Chapman Health & Safety Co-Ordinator: Sebastian Taite-Ellis Stage Manager: Charley Walker Deputy Stage Manager: Olivia Boyd Assistant Stage Manager: Sophie Enderby, Holly Mackenzie Production Management Consultant: Tom Lee ​ Lighting Designer: Rya n Day Assistant Lighting Designer: Harvey Nowak-Green hief Electrician: Lewis Watson Deputy Chief Electrician: Ollie Patridge Lighting Programmer: Callum Perera ​

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    Boudica By Tristan Bernays ​ The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama September - November 2019 ​ Her land invaded. Her throne usurped. Her family abused. Boudica will fight. AD 60. Britain is the latest conquest of the sprawling Roman Empire. Queen Boudica intends to rise up against the foreign power, but the native tribes are at each other's throats. Can a fragile coalition of warlords beat back the power of Rome? And what will be lost if they can't? ​ Premiered at the Globe in 2017, Tristan Bernays reimagines the Shakespeare history play as a female-driven epic narrative of scope and spectacle, asking who lives on this cold island on the fringes of Europe, and who we could be. Original music by Penny Ashmore, Harry Ryan and Issie Riley. F irst performed at the Courtyard Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London for a week, the production then transferred to the Studio space the Curve Theatre, Leicester. Each run featured a relaxed matinee performance. ​ Director: Jon Pashley Movement Director: Mandy Gordon Fight Director: Bethan Clark (RC-Annie Ltd) ​ Production Manager: Shaz McGee Stage Manager/Fight Captain: Parker Hollants-Van-Loocke Deputy Stage Manager: Roan Torrance Assistant Stage Manager: Chloe Wilson ​ Set and Costume Designer: Abigail Caywood Assistant Designer: Lisa Howaniec Costume Supervisor: Imogen Brown Wardrobe Manager/Costume Maker: Abbie Johns Costume Maker/Dresser: Harriet Larkins Costume Makers: Esme Lowrey, Helen McFarlane, Charlie Pyne ​ Lighting Designer: Harry Owen Chief Electrician: Alex Walton Deputy Chief Electrician: Daniel Parrot Lighting Programmer/Operator: Alex Thomas ​ Puppetry Director: Christopher Gadd Props Makers - Naomi Feld (HOD), Michael Lloyd Puppet Makers - Josh Macrow, Millie Wise, Yonghan Yao ​ Cast: Penny Ashmore, Harry Davies, Jonahan Deakin, Anya de Villiers, Will Huke, Stephen Louis, Gabi Lechtig-Martinez, Amelia Muus, Imogen Opie, Jonty Peach, Alun Rees, Issy Riley, Ellie Ruiz-Rodriguez, Harry Ryan, Ellie Sayles, Maya Thompson, Doxah Wesley. ​ Download Plan (Side View) Download Plan (Top View) Sound Designer: Rhi Lawrence Production Sound Engineer/Operator: Raffaela Pancucci ​ For more information, please . click here

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    People of the Abyss Adapted from books by Jack London and Charles Dickens In collaboration with Prodigal UPG ​ The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama February - March 2019 ​ ‘ .’ The question naturally arises, how do they live? The answer is that they do not live. They do not know what life is ​ Prodigal UPG with final year Acting CDT students blend performance-parkour with Charles Dickens, Jack London and contemporary political speakers on a journey into the dark heart of capitalism. Inspired by London’s undercover odyssey amongst the dispossessed of the East End, we’ll meet the people who cling to the slopes of the Abyss and fight never to fall all the way in. ​ Directors: Miranda Henderson, Alister O'Loughlin Designer: Arabella Ockenden Production Manager: Shaz McGee Stage Manager: Kathryn Sanders Assistant Stage Manager: Alexa Zetzsche Lighting Designer: Corrie Harris Chief Electrician: Michael Glanville Lighting Programmer & Operator: Alex Walton ​ Cast: Yik-Sau Chung Sophie Jacob Suzy Kohane Ari Oskarsson Jacob Seelochan ​ Sound Designer: Chris Umney Associate Sound Designer/Production Sound Engineer: Rhi Lawrence

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    Surviving in the City By Love Grocer ​ Mix A mix down with a guitar sound inspired by Bob Marley's Catching a Firestudio album. Using Logic Pro X and SoundToys plug-in sound effect units, a Leslie Rotor Cabinet for the piano and a vocal delay were applied using auxiliary channels. The lead vocal channel was duplicated to produce a fuller sound and to emphasis the story of the track in the mix. Final stereo mix was completed using VCAs. ​ With thanks to and Sizzle Studios Peter McKerrow, Love Grocer

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    ***** Queue By Incunabula Collective ​ The Rondo Theatre June 2019 ​ Queue is an epic performance poem that follows one man's journey from one end of a queue, to the other. This show will document the beauty of new relationships, the ache of loneliness and the bitterness one feels for those more fortunate than yourself... all sped up to fit into an hour performance. A mixture of sharp comedy, existential dread and unconventional poetics, Queue is the show that plays in all of our heads when we're trapped with our own thoughts. This is Incunabula Collective’s second time at the Bath Fringe Festival, following their successful debut of #Gunsh0w the previous year. ​ 5 Star review from TheatreLab (by ) Conrad Pollock "Special note should be given to the light and sound design, which change subtly enough to never intrude, but add a powerful component to the tale bearing told." ​ Writer/Performer: Connor Macleod Director: Charlotte Claydon Lighting & Sound Designer: Rhi Lawrence With thanks to Rondo Theatre Jack Harris (Associate Lighting Designer) Niamh Smith (Promotion Design) (Photography) Leo V ​ For more information and tickets, . click here ​

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    Download Sound Paperwork The Member of the Wedding Adapted from the novel by Carson McCullers ​ The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama September - November 2018 ​ A production based on the novel by Carson McCullers in collaboration with the BA(Hons) Acting (Collaborative and Devised Theatre) performers. The focus of this production was to explore the devising process. The Member of the Wedding ​ Sound: Rhi Lawrence Lighting Design: Raycher Phau Production Lighting: Alex Walton Set Design: Cara Evans Stage Management: Ellie Coult ​ GALLERY