A Permanent State of Emergency

By Tristan Bernays

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

April - June 2019

We want to tell you a story. A story that isn’t real. This is not real life. This is how real life. Feels for... US. People in our twenties, people on the verge of a future that feels like teetering on a cliff edge. We’d love to take a bold brave leap forward but into what? A PERMANENT STATE OF EMERGENCY is what we’re in . A STATE not of our making but one we have to endure or cure. Is running away the solution? We can try. Or, stay and fight, against ourselves? Or YOU the ones that left us in this pile of  ……..? A Permanent State Of Emergency is a new musical, specifically written for BA (Hons) Acting Musical Theatre 2019 students.

Sound Designer: Rhi Lawrence

Production Sound Engineer: Rob Donnelly-Jackson

Sound Operator: Villi Chaushev

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Script Writer: Joshua Val Martin

Director: Sue Dunderdale

Assistant Director: Eureka Toki

Movement Director: Juri Nael

Composer: Toby Ingram

Musical Director: Matthew Spalding

Production Managers: Shaz McGee, Lisa Mark

Head of Stage: Aoife Lily Nolan-Bennett

Stage Manager: Charley Walker

Deputy Stage Manager: Evelin Thomas

Set Designer: Jin Kitty Qianer

Scenic Artist Head of Department Alan Butler

Costume Designer: Sophie James-Frost

Costume Supervisor: Bex Kemp

Assistant Costume Supervisor/Wardrobe Head of Department: Imogen Brown

Dressers: Abbie Johns, Moneka Prato

Props Buyer: Suzie Dubowski

Lighting Designer: Alex McManus

Assistant Lighting Designer: Steven Frost

Chief Electrician: Dan Heywood

Deputy Chief Electrician: Joe Miri

Lighting Programmer/Operator: Harvey Nowak-Green

Cast: Matt Brookes, George Bury, Harrison Evans, Fionn Gardener, Priscille Grace, Sam Hudson-Brown, Niamh James, Versai Knight, Florence Lace-Evans, Erica Lebedeva, Joseph Lukehurst, Joseph Marchant, Amalia Maric, Joanne McGarva, James Squires, Dominic Treacy